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Build Beautiful React Dashboards,
Powered by Qlik.

Motor is a React framework which enables the rapid development of custom dashboards, using Qlik's associative engine. Our headless API works with any UX framework and charting library.

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Reasons You'll Love Motor

Headless APIs

Our APIs are headless, we simplify all interactions with Qlik's engine and you bring the UI

Built from Open Source

We started as an open source project and have loads of GitHub examples of charts and components powered by Motor

Professional Templates

Our professional, production ready templates are packed with awesome features and components

Lifetime Support

We are here to support your build. Chat to us on our site, on Discord or via e-mail

Pay per Developer not User

Our per developer pricing model enables you to scale your dashboards at no additional cost

Compatible with all Qlik Deployments

Motor supports all Qlik Sense deployment types.

How Motor Works

The New Way to Build Mashups

Motor is a React layer between the engine and your UI, which simplifies all interactions. Connect to engine, extract data, manage selections, apply filters and a lot more with our developer friendly React hooks and components.

Build and Deploy Fast

Reduced Code Maintenance

Bring your own UI

No Qlik API knowledge needed

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Motor in Action

The below example demonstrates how you can use Motor to connect a Chart.js Bar to the Qlik Engine. With Motor, you can easily to add more features like Selections and Data Export!

Chart.js Bar Chart Connected to Qlik Sense


Ready to dive in?Get started for free or speak to an expert.

Build and deploy beautiful dashboard with all of the power of Qlik's associative engine. Get started by reading our documentation or get in touch for a demo. We are here to help you get up and running!

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